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Coming Halaqahs…

23 Oct

October is coming to the end so lets make the halaqa a bit more exciting, shall we?

This week’s halaqa (10/24) we will be talking about the angels! Learn about the duties of the angels and their impact in some prophet’s lives. That day, we are having the girls bring in a treat/dish of the fruit they picked from last week’s Apple/Pumpkining Picking! All participate will win get a very cool prizzzzzeeeeeee!!!!!
Here’s a little inspiration 😉 :

The last halaqah of the month of October (10/31) will fall on Halloween! The best way to be festive on that day is to tell spoooooky stories which will be about… *drum roll*…. JINNS! May Allah protect us from their wickedness. We will discuss of who are they and what they do.

Join us for sister bonding and story night on Fridays, 7 PM at Darul Islah 🙂

Dare to be Different


YMS Pumpkin/Apple Picking

23 Oct

Jazakullah Khair to those who joined us on October 19th for pumpkin/apple picking! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN ALHAMDULLILAH! Share us your insta-worthy picture. For those who couldn’t make it, we will definitely do another fruit picking next season inshAllah!!! Check out some of the photos we posted on Instagram and on Facebook

October Monthly Activity: Kabab Paradise and ice cream

14 Oct

JAZAKULLAH KHAIR TO ALL THOSE WHO WERE ABLE TO ATTEND OUR KABAB PARADISE TRIP TODAY! We appreciate your support and please thank your parents on our behalf for allowing you to join us. We hope you were able to enjoy yourselves today! To those who were not able to make it, there’s always next time inshAllah!


18 Jun

-Ramadan is right around the corner, how are you planning on strengthening the unity within our community this year? Join us this Friday for pointers on keeping our Muslim community united iA. We hope to see all of your beautiful faces at 7pm sharp!

-Give your Imaan a boost, and prepare for Ramadan by attending AlMaghrib seminar “Detox: Fiqh of Fasting & Zakah” w/ Shaykh Dr. Waleed Basyouni – June 20th through 22nd. Free friday will be from 7-9pm 2nd floor in NJIT. For more info you may click on the following link: and watch the course trailer here:

-Darul Islah is hosting an Open House/Interfaith on June 22nd, from 2-5pm. There will be an open panel, BBQ, bazaar, henna, and a lot more to look forward to. 

-Get prepared for Ramadan BEFORE the blessed month begins! Stock up on hijabs and other items to match your outfits, give away as gifts, or even find those comfortable, go to hijabs for the long nights ahead filled with prayers inshaAllah!


8 Apr

Assalamu Alaikum Beloved YM Sisters,

As promised, our annual community event will be taking place soon! Save the date and invite your friends for a night of positivity and motivation. Yes, #thestruggleisreal, the road ahead is worth fighting for and we hope to host a night dedicated to strengthen our sisterhood and overcome the struggle together.

Alhumdulillah we have Sr. Menahal Begawala as our keynote speaker. Additionally, Sr. Menahal will be hosting a special question/answer section to promote a productive discussion. For this reason, we ask that sisters ages ten and above attend this event.

As per usual, YMS Teaneck loves to utilize social media, so spread the hashtag around.



Join us April 19th at 6pm, Dinner will be served!
Darul Islah: Muslim Society of Bergen County

Halaqa 3/21/2014

22 Mar

For this week’s ilm cafe we spoke about the article, “Red Wine and Hojabies.” It’s a great read and you’ll pick up a thing or two.

No plans this weekend? Here’s some idea:

20 Mar

Friday: Our weekly halaqa at our home base Dar-ul Islah 7-9pm This weeks halaqa will center around one of the ummahat-ul-mu’mineen, the mothers of the believers. Come and find out exactly who!

Sunday: There will be two events going on – Palestine Fundraising dinner in Sercaucas, NJ; 


Sincerity: The Path to Light, lecture by Yasmin Mogahed;