Coming Halaqahs…

23 Oct

October is coming to the end so lets make the halaqa a bit more exciting, shall we?

This week’s halaqa (10/24) we will be talking about the angels! Learn about the duties of the angels and their impact in some prophet’s lives. That day, we are having the girls bring in a treat/dish of the fruit they picked from last week’s Apple/Pumpkining Picking! All participate will win get a very cool prizzzzzeeeeeee!!!!!
Here’s a little inspiration 😉 :

The last halaqah of the month of October (10/31) will fall on Halloween! The best way to be festive on that day is to tell spoooooky stories which will be about… *drum roll*…. JINNS! May Allah protect us from their wickedness. We will discuss of who are they and what they do.

Join us for sister bonding and story night on Fridays, 7 PM at Darul Islah 🙂

Dare to be Different


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