With Every Hardship Comes Ease

25 Jan

With Every Hardship Comes Ease

Hey girls, I hope you had a wonderful break from YM and school. Thank you for those who showed up with their beautiful smiles to YM yesterday and those who couldn’t make it, here’s what happened;

Last YMS halaqah we had a summery of Prophet Musa (AS) of his beginning of his prophet-hood and the hardship and danger he had to face the day he was born. With the will of Allah (swt) he had the patience and endured during those hardships. We spoke about how we can inspire from Prophet Musa’s (AS) (as well as other prophets) stories right from the Quran and see that we are not as different as an individual from the prophets. They too went to hard times, lost love ones, were in financial crisis, had harsh remarks for being Muslims and spreading message, had hard time fitting in their society, qureels etc. despite all that they faced Allah for his mercy and help by simply making dua. When life is being difficult, open up the handy dandy Quran or tafseers and aspire from one of Allah’s gifts to us: stories of the prophets.


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