Patience and Qadr

12 Nov

For our ilm cafe last Friday Fatima Habehh a strongly influential spoke speech regarding one’s patience and Qadr. The full speech posted here!

As we should know our lives are a test on us, its gonna be hard and nothing will ever be perfect, and in the long run some of the stuff wont even be worth it, right? Sadly today you have some Muslims who say or have doubt in Allah, that they’re in doubt that everything that has happened or that anything that will happen has already been planned by Allah 

So we believe in things because Allah has decreed them right? A lot evil happens in the world… Does that mean Allah loves evil?  don’t get me wrong Allah only loves good but Allah allows evil to happen from a wisdom that only he knows. You’ll always hear people say things like “Doesn’t Allah know whats happening in Palestine? In Syria? Doesn’t Allah see the bloodshed in the Muslim countries? Doesn’t Allah hear the cries of the young orphans with no food at night? No one there to keep them safe from what might happen to them when they sleep?” They say “where is the honor that belongs to Allah swt? To this religion? To the Muslims? Where is the VICTORY ALLAH HAS PROMISED US?! Where is the help of Allah swt? Why are the Muslims so humiliated? Why are in a state of constant humiliation? Where is the victory, the honor and the help Allah has promised the believers? Hasn’t he promised us establishment on Earth? So they ask the Scholars, the Daiees, and the students of knowledge. Where is everything Allah has promised us?The disbelievers seem to have the honor, seem to have the upper hand in everything, who seem to be victorious in everything.” 
And the answer is that certainly along with these events we must realize that nothing happens in this universe except by the Qadr of Allah and by the Knowledge of Allah and by the Will of Allah and by the wisdom of Allah swt
We are not more merciful to the oppressed than Allah swt 
We do not have more mercy than Allah swt
Allah does not turn a blind eye to the situation of the Muslims today. Allah is not deaf. He’s hearing the cries of the Muslims all over the world and we cannot claim that we see the better or hear the better or even we are more merciful because we feel more pity than Allah swt arahman ar aheem. To have Imaan in Qadr, the good and the bad is one of the 6 Pillars of Imaan, something we learn at a very young age. Your Faith is not correct and will not be accepted until you have imaan and full certainty in this fact! That nothing happens in this universe except by the will, knowledge and wisdom of Allah swt. This belief will save from every strife and struggle and the Muslims today are in such a time of strife and struggle because of this, Lack in the Qadr of Allah swt. And the belief in Qadr is all not one level, in the beginning look i believe in it, it might be hard and a bitter pill to swallow but i believe in it. Then later on you say no, i accept it, i accept that this is a decree that Allah swt has chosen for me and then above of the you become pleased with it, you become content with it. You start to see the highest level and say ‘I am pleased with whatever Allah swt decrees for me’ 
If Allah swt plans for me to be torched and killed, then that is what Allah has planned for me and i will be happy with it. 
Be patient in this dunya, be patient because our final destination is Jannah inshAllah.
-Fatima Habehh 

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