7 Sep

This past weekend, I had the most amazing time at the NNCC (Neighbornet Coordinators’ Conference) bonding with other sisters! The NNCC is an event made with the intent on bringing YMS Shuraah from all across the United States together. It includes discussing issues that YMS is dealing with, coming up with solutions, and getting advice from each other. And of course, don’t forget girl-bonding!

SubhanAllah, I got such an imaan rush participating with and getting to know my fellow Shuraah members. Talking to them and hearing about their problems made me realize that we aren’t the only ones that have obstacles!

Some of the girls I spoke to were telling me that their problems arose from the fact that their Neighbornet didn’t have ties to the masjid. I am now incredibly thankful that our community is so close, whether it be our sisterhood in YM or the masjid as a whole!


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