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17 Mar


Friday March 22nd


Indeed, all of nature, in the Islamic view, is in a state of continuous worship. Trees and grasses, fish and animals, are all bending in a sweet, invisible breeze that wafts their worship back toward their creator. Human beings can learn from this process and seek harmony with it by joining creation in worship of Allah.

The Quranic solution to the problem of environment is, in a word, holistic and comprehensive. Living a truly Islamic life requires avoiding the evils of extravagance and the indulgence of materialism. The way that harmony can be grasped is by living within our means with the other creations Allah bestowed upon us.

Unfortunately within our Muslim communities we have a disregard for our environment and our well being. What Allah left for us is a trust, everything is a blessing. Islam expresses great concern for the environment. A number of verses in the Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad have addressed this topic. Islam’s solution to environmental problems lies in the person guidance and true understanding of their deen. Allaah has stated that He made all the material objects on earth for man’s use, not for his abuse.

Join YM Teaneck as they enjoy a day with the BBNJ “Green Ur Deen” concept to fulfill an Islamic obligation that is sadly neglectedApril 13th!


Saturday March 23rd,

Movie outing to See Oz: The Great and Powerful. AMc Ridgefield Park. NJ. Timings will be updates soon.





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