Scholarship opportunity

4 Mar


Below is a scholarship opportunity originally posted by Darul Islah

” Scholarships for students…Deadline March 10th SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association) will be distributing over $60,000 in media scholarships this year. There are categories for high school, college and graduate students. And no, you do not have to be South Asian to apply, just have an interest in South Asian issues, or covered the diaspora.
(Basically, if anyone has written about a mosque in America, you pretty much qualify).

Here is the breakdown: High School: $2500
Undergraduate: $3000
Graduate: $5000

The deadline is March 10th. There will be more than one winner per category.

The application is open and details are all here –

Seriously, this is easy money! If you know anyone who is interested in media, written, blogged, wrote for their school paper, or their Islamic Center's website or announcement page…tell them to apply! In fact, force them to apply.

What better way for these students to tell their parents that they don't want to be doctors, with a scholarship check!!!! Yay ”

Good luck to those who apply May Allah swt grant you success



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