Week 2, Surah Kahf

1 Mar

Faith. Wealth. Knowledge. Power. These are our blessings, what we attain throughout our lives, what we strive to acquire. But, they are also our trials. These are the aspects of our lives which determine our destinies….


The question arises as to how we should face these trials, and Surah Kahf has the answers. But, can we find them? Apply them? This worldly life is all that we know, but we must equip ourselves with the tools to face it. That is precisely what this Surah does with its examples of the righteous path, as well as the ones which will lead us to harm. However, for those who ignore the call, Allah (s) has a plan for them as well. Not only must we be able to do that which will please Him, but also refrain from that which may displease Him. 

I don’t mean to impose a dark tone, because this is not gloomy or sad at all. We should rejoice in the fact that we have been provided with an unlimited number of answers, within the Holy Qur’an. Let’s find a few together, tomorrow Inshallah, as we discuss in more depth the many aspects briefly mentioned here. Hope to see you there! 

JAK,                                                                                                                                                        Nimra


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