30 Aug

Assalamu Alaikum 


We hope all of you had a wonderful Eid full of smiles, fun, and tons of blessings 🙂

Now it’s time for our annual Eid party, which you definitely don’t want to miss! 

Join us this Friday at 7pm, for a chance to dress up/look fabulous and enjoy the sisterhood within our community. 


Please let us know ASAP if you can bring anything! We have enough desserts, but we need appetizers/dinner dishes, so please contact us asap if you’ll be able to help out. Message us on Facebook at, tweet at us on Twitter at, or simply respond to this email! 


Also, a very important announcement:


Building Blocks NJ is holding a blood drive at Darul Islah this Friday (August 31) right after Jummah InshaAllah! For any of you willing to donate blood, please join us at 2:00 pm. Additional information can be found here: Remember, simply one pint can save up to three lives!


JazakAllah Khair




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