Big News!

26 Jul

We pray this reaches you girls in the best of health! May Allah swt bless your lives and families during this month. It has been a pleasure seeing many of you actively challenging yourselves to strive for much more this Ramadan. Subhanallah almost a WEEK has passed, and although we have not had any halaqas, your shuraah has been working hard!



We are proud to announce that after Ramadan, more specifically AUGUST 31, 2012 will mark the beginning of our new series of YM halaqas.

What is this?

This new series is designe to both inspire, yet challenge all of us to really learn more about our deen. We feel we have given you girls the fundamental basics in the past year, and look forward to stepping it up a notch with much more stimulating halaqas!

What will be different?

Join us as we journey through surah Ma’un, Kahf, and explore the meaning of Surah Rahman! We also plan to even dedicate a month to detailed hadeeth understanding/memorization. We hope to have more discussions based on these understandings as well!

We’ve heard your suggestions and put them into our game plan just as promised. Now all we need is YOU. In order for this to succeed, we ask girls to bring Notebooks for their own benefit, and to come consistently to really take advantage of this opportunity!

What about Fun Stuff?

Well! WE HAVE SEVERAL NEW VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES, in which you will receive volunteering hours per your request! We plan to attend this event as well!

We also have outings to The Cheesecake Factory, Hot cocoa night, Eid party, Quran recitation competition and much more!


We want YOU to have an fun and productive year! So, if you have any organization or events that are coming up that you think we should participate in… LET US KNOW!


Email us with any halaqa topics, dinner outings, volunteer opportunites you want us to add on, and Inshallah we will try our BEST to make it happen!


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